The Manchester Company

Heavy Duty Shipping Bags

Sewing Thread, Corrugated Sheets, Slip Sheets, Stretch-Wrap, Moisture Absorbent Packets, Pallet Covers, and Sealing Tape.

Multiwall Paper Bags

made from multiple plies of paper and sometimes mixed with plies of poly or foil

Sewn Open Mouth (SOM) Bags

Pasted Bags

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Plies Xsection

Woven Polypropylene (WPP) Bags

made from cross-woven extruded PP tapes (yarns)

Wpp Ht3

USA Government Food Aid Bags

The Manchester Company, Inc. quality program to supply and distribute PL-480 Certified Food-Aid bags, manufactured from woven polypropylene.  For over 20-years, we have been a proud participant in this ongoing quest to help feed the many at-risk peoples of the world.

Usda Bag1

Jute Bags (burlap)
Plastic Bags (PE)
Cloth Bags
Mesh Bags


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