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Circular Bulk Bags, U-Panel Bulk Bags and 4 Panel Bulk Bags, Baffled Bulk Bags, Funnel Bottom Bulk Bags, and Squeeze Bags.

Manchester Bags has the ability to manufacture EVERY style and type of bulk bag in the market place today (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers). The styles are; Circular , U-panel, 4-panel, Baffled, Funnel-Bottom and squeeze bags. The different types of bags are A, B, C, and D. Our partnered factory in India is one of the only factories in the world licensed by Texene to produce Chromiq Type D fabric. Material Motion is a licensed distributor of the Texene material. Our factories are BRC, HACCP and ISO certified. We also produce UN / DOT HAZ/MAT certified FIBC for safe transport of Packing Groups I, II, & III hazardous materials.

Circular Bulk Bags

Circular bulk bags or tube style bags as they are sometimes called employ a “seamless” design.

U-Panel Bulk Bags and 4 Panel Bulk Bags

U-panel bulk bags are just that, a large “U” of fabric with 2 side panels sewn to each of the opposite sides. A 4 panel bag is the same concept but instead of the U fabric it has 4 panels like a box sewn together.

Baffled Bulk Bags

Baffled bulk bags are typically a 4-Panel or U-Panel construction and employ internal fabric baffles to make the bag square.

Funnel Bottom Bulk Bags

Funnel bottom bulk bags have many different types of design, but all have the same principal; to allow non- free flowing product to exit the bulk bag during discharge.

Squeeze Bags

SQUEEZE BAG PACKAGING is designed for transporting up to 3,000 lbs. of liquid and viscous materials.


  • ISO-281898 Standard for Non-Hazardous Duty FIBCs
  • Hazardous Duty FIBCs: UN Model Regulations & DOT 49 CFR
  • Food Grade FIBCs: BRC, HAACP, GMP, Certified Clean Room
  • IEC 61340 Standard for Electrostatic Hazardous Duty FIBCs

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